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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 16, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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dustin tonight has singled, walked, grounded out twice. two outs. officially now. the tigers are one out away from evening this series at two games apiece. and benoit gets to face david ortiz before the end of the
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night. ortiz has only the one hit. in this alcs. 1 out of 14. 0 for 4 tonight. ball one. red sox are 2 for 15 with runners in scoring position here tonight. they've stranded nine. the 1-0.
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good swing by ortiz. maybe his best of the night. but he fouled it away. one ball, one strike. >> tim: knowing he was going to get the fastball, he got it, fouled it back. back to the splitter for benoit, i would think. nope, fastball. benoit striking out victorino and pedroia with splitters. but a two-seam fastball puts ortiz in the hole. >> joe: he could strike out the side, benoit, and end this ni t night.
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>> tim: again, that would be huge for his confidence. that's not overstating it, either. >> joe: ball two. match-up of jon lester and anibal sanchez tomorrow night. if the tigers win here tonight, it guarantees this series at least six games. and a trip back to fenway park. on saturday.
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full count. >> tim: even if it's david ortiz at the plate, you still can't walk him. >> joe: 21st pitch of the inning coming from benoit.
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in the air to right. hunter is there. tigers have evened this series at two apiece. as they win here tonight 7-3. the tigers proving here tonight that that depth, with their starting rotation, no matter how they lined up after being taken to five games in the division series with the a's, it started with sanchez. tonight it was fister. with scherzer and verlander in between them. and fister was outstanding here
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tonight. six innings, one run, eight hits. >> tim: certainly was. and once again, a starter for detroit goes five innings, at least, without giving up a run. >> joe: and the reaction up in the press box and down on the field. after this 7-3 tiger win and let's go down to erin andrews. >> erin: joe, thank you. here with austin jackson. i know tonight was a relief for you after struggling here in the alcs. you said you hoped this lineup shuffle would get you going. why did it? >> i think it just helped me relax. i think that was the goal. and, you know, i said, it just -- wanted to go up there and be patient and get a pitch to hit. >> erin: you mentioned, jim leyland knows what he's doing with this whole lineup schiffle. how much pressure did it take off you going down to the eighth? >> yeah, like i said, i think that was the goal. just to get me to relax a little bit, and, you know, be patient
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and get a good pitch and let the rest take care of itself. >> erin: it really imploded for jake peavy in the bottom of the second and you got it going after you walked with the bases loaded. what did you see out of peavy that you were able to jump on in there? >> i think just be patient and get a good pitch to hit. we weren't really going out of the zone for too much. you know, we were getting pitches to hit in the zone and getting swings on it. >> erin: austin, thank you so much. let's send it over to kenny now. >> ken: torii, what did you think of the new lineup? >> that was pretty good. he shook it up a little bit and i definitely think it worked out well, and, you know, i gives you a different mindset, miggy hitting second, me leading off. it gave us a different mind set to make some things happen. >> ken: you hadn't hit leadoff since 1999, when you were a very young man. you probably will be hitting leadoff again tomorrow. what was it like? . >> it was awesome. my first at-bat, i was like the
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sacrificial lamb, make sure the guys know what the pitchers are trying to do, how his ball's moving and different things like that. getting those guys behind me a chance to get a good look. i try to took the pitches as i could. he was throwing the ball in the zone and we were able to capitalize. >> ken: real quick, on austin, how happy are you for him? >> i'm happy for him. earlier today, before b.p., he came innerly and just went in the the cage and worked on his approach and he stayed back a little bit more and you saw, he had four professional at-bat, i mean, two hits, two walks, that's austin jackson. when he's on base, he wreaks havoc. >> ken: torii, thank you. joe? >> joe: kenny, thank you. well, this alcs, for the tigers, started with sanchez, then scherzer, then verlander. tonight, it was fister. how good was he? six innings, one run, eight hits, seven strikeouts, one walk. he gets the win. and on the offensive side, the shuffled lineup. batting eighth for the first time in his big league career, austin jackson on base four times.
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back after this. tigers win it, 7-3.
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after game four of the alcs, tune over to "fox sports lye." complete highlights and analysis from our major league experts. plus, the dodgers dodge elimination with the long ball. who has the upper hand? and that didn't take long. josh freeman is a starting quarterback once again. can he lead the vikings over the
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winless giants? "fox sports live" on fox sports 1, tune in right after the game. >> joe: 3:27 game four. the tigers got exactly what they needed to excite this crowd here at comerica in detroit. a 7-3 win and the series is tied at two apiece. who did it tonight? the starter and winner for detroit, doug fister, who is standing by with ken rosenthal. >> ken: doug, six innings, one run. what was the game plan, what worked? >> you know, game plan was just really go after him, start attacking and really kind of mix it up and really try and keep him offbalance at possible. i think the biggest thing was just execution and defense was a huge pickup today. >> ken: you guys suffered two tough losses. how much pressure did you feel to win this game? >> you know, every time weapon go out there, we're looking to win the ball game. and put a shoutdown as much as e can on the other team. we were fortunate today.
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we don't look at pressure as a negative thing. well go out there and play as loose as possible and that's when we play our best and so, guys did that today, offense came out swinging the bats very well. put them on the defensive and, you know, just really attacked them. >> ken: doug, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> joe: guys, thank you. we look ahead to tomorrow night, game five of the alcs, from here in detroit. it will be a rematch of game one. jon lester and anibal sanchez. our coverage of game five begins tomorrow night at 7:30 eastern, only on fox. more coverage of our game tonight, if you need it, tune to fox sports 1 for "fox sports live." on fox, stay tuned for your local news, exempt on the west coast. fun game here tonight. tigers win it, 7-3, as their bats broke free this evening.
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>> the strike athlete looms large. commuters wait for work yet again on whether bart trains will run tomorrow. but there is some good news tonight for bart riders. good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. >> following game 4. acls. >> we are staying close to negotiations tonight. here's where things stand right now. a.c. transit workers will not go on strike tomorrow. that action opposes a 7-day cooling-off period while the board examines the labor dispute. as for bart, union leaders said today they would give riders earlier notice tonight on whether workers will strike. both sides are still at the bargaining table today or this evening with a federal mediator. >> we're outside headquarters in downtown oakland where bart and its unions are still
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talking tonight. jana? >> reporter: frank, just in the past 45 minutes, both sides returned from their dinnerbreak. one negotiator said they are still crunching numbers. the president has promised that he will announce whether her union will go on strike or not, no later an 10:00 tonight. >> if we can do this earlier, we will do this earlier. but i guarantee today that the riding public and the community at large in this community will know no later than 10:00 as to what they can experience for tomorrow. >> reporter: this evening bart general manager would not comment on the talks. he said monday bart's lead negotiator has been very controversial returned to the table today. i learned he was in anaheim for two days speaking at a california transit association conference. the panel title is called the art of negotiating the deal.
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the union says she does have the authority to make slight adjustments to the bart board $57 million offer, a 12% pay raise over 4 years which the union says would be eroded by higher health care and pension contributions. a bart spokeswoman says the transit agency is getting flooded with e-mails and calls from the public and ridership has dropped. >> ridership has gone 85,000 trips for weekday trips, friday, monday and tuesday. 85,000 trips down compared to what it normally is and expected to be. >> reporter: again, the ficu is promising to note whether they will strike tomorrow by 10:00 tonight. but one note i asked the atu president the same question and she says she has no comment on that right now. it's not clear whether they will be joining them. we will bring that to you when it happens. for now reporting live in oakland, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> even though bart workers
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haven't gone out on strike riders have made alternative plans. one questions the numbers. >> reporter: riders we met today think the endless standoff is grossly unfair. >> ultimately they need to make a decision to strike or not strike. it shouldn't be this difficult. >> everyone should fight for what they believe they deserve, a working wage. i don't know any other jobs that puts this many people at risk the way it does with our own jobs. >> reporter: compared to similar days, bart ridership reflects that concern. down 27,000 riders from tuesday a week ago. monday down more than 15,000 from columbus day last year. last friday, down 42,000 from comparable fridays last friday, up almost 28,000, but only because of the a's playoff game and a pink concert. last wednesday, off 1800 and many of those people have and will drive. >> i think i would rather do
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that than spend hours in line for a ferry or something like that. >> we are just asking that the unions notify the media or whoever can come out at a decent time, dinnertime, say, and let the bay area know if the trains are going to run. >> we guarantee you a much- earlier announcement than 8:00, because of that concern. no later than 10:00. >> a push this both parties from a teacher who rides daily. >> remember god's watching you so you need to really make a conscience decision on what it is you're trying to do and trynot to affect a large population of people. >> reporter: both parties are clearly exhausted but the heat keeps rising. channel 2 news. >> a.c. transit had a midnight deadline to go on strike but late this afternoon governor jerry brown ordered a temporary stay. the governor appointed a board ever inquiry to fact gather
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seven days. based on the board's findings, governor brown may ask a judge to order a 60-day cooling-off period. >> very relieved for our riders, particularly the 30,000 school children who tomorrow would have had to try to find some alternative form of transportation. >> negotiators did hold the bargaining session this evening,the first since rank and file members rejected two tentative agreements most recently two weeks ago. here's what's being offered. a 9 1/2% pay increase but with higher health care costs. union officials supported both, but drivers tell us with inflation, those deals actually amounted to a cult in pay. >> we wanted a negotiated contract that gives us a raise that after a medical payments is a real raise. >> reporter: changes to work rules and other benefits after the last 3-year contract, a.c.
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transit says without concession it will have to raise fares. our coverage continues. follow us on facebook and twitter for the very latest on the strike threat. we'll let you know as soon as we know whether the trains will be running tomorrow. continuing coverage now as congress finally voted tonight to reopen the u.s. government. the measure also extends the debt creel so the government doesn't -- the debt ceiling so the government doesn't default. the deal will keep the government funded through january 15th. the debt ceiling is raised until february 7th. furloughed federal workers are being told to return to work in the morning. and it sets up negotiations for a longer term budget deal. now that a deal has been reached, president obama says he hopes congress can find a way to work together on the budget, immigration and other issues. >> there's a lot of work ahead of us, including our need to earn back the trust of the american people that's been lost over the last few weeks, and we can begin to do that by addressing the real issues that
8:54 pm
they care about. >> the stalemate began when house republicans fought to defund the affordable care act in passing a budget. it led to a shutdown putting thousands of government workers on furlough and closing national parks across the country. >> this is pain inflicted on our nation for no good reason and cannot make the same mistake again. >> president obama and senate democrats said they would not negotiate with republicans over the health care law, but as the days dragged on without a deal and a deadline to raise the nation's borrowing limit loomed, they pressed the party to vote for the deal but the gop made it clear the fight is not over. >> i am today encouraged. i am encouraged by the millions of americans that want to get back to the free market principle, get back to the constitution and stop this train wreck of a law that is the biggest job killer in this country. >> reporter: as for the cost of
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the 16-day shut down, standard & poor's estimates it's taken at least $24 billion out of the u.s. economy. about the same as yesterday, it was a beautiful one out there, 85 in livermore. that was the warm spot. 80 in fairfield. highs tomorrow a little bit cooler. we're looking for temperatures to drop a couple of degrees. it may not be the warmest day of the week but very close tomorrow. the winds are shifting so we'll see more of an onshore flow and that brings air from the ocean to the land. tomorrow slightly cooler. weekend a mild pattern. it's safe to say you'll see in the five days not a lot of fluctuation in the highs and lows as we go through the bay area weekend. overnight low, it's been chilly. santa rosa -- tomorrow, a repeat of today with morning
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lows. then the daytime highs just slightly cooler. here's the five-day forecast. bay area weekend in view, slightly cooler tomorrow, warm on friday, and then again in the bay area weekend, things start to kind of shape up a little bit there as we go into saturday and sunday. the weekend looks good, so chilly mornings remain in a mild to warm afternoons for saturday and sunday. five-day forecast, no rain in this one. the next one after this, another five days out, no rain in that either. a dry five-day forecast as we go into october now. we're getting into october. >> yeah. >> so it's not unusual to have rain in the five days this time of year but it will be raining buckets before november, we'll see. >> enjoy it because the rain will happen at some point. >> you know will happen. new information about the opening of the -- the opening is now tentatively set for the weekend of november 16th.
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it will offer traffic relief for a lot of drivers along highway 24 between oakland. final testing is being done on electrical systems right now when the project was funded in 2009. it was the largest stimulus transportation project in the country. a suspect is now in custody in a deadly shooting in richmond this weekend. richmond police tell us that 37- year-old chamberlain was arrested on monday. 24-year-old samuel morales was shot to death in his car while driving near harbor way on sunday. the suspect and victim knew each other and were in a feud. they say tips from witnesses and the community are what led to the arrest. an alert hotel housekeeper is being credited with helping to break up an alleged identity theft ring. police say an employee at the best western heritage inn noticed a large number of items left behind that are used to
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make counterfeit checks. a week later one of the people tried to get those items back and staffers called police. officers say they arrested 26- year-old nunoz on saturday and 30-year-old melinda collins and 41-year-old branch. a strike has been averted at least for now at the transit, but as we've been reporting here the threat is very real for bart riders. we are at caltran headquarters. we should know by 10:00 tonight if bart workers will be going on for strike. we'll have the latest for you live on the 10:00 news. and we are always there for you at thanks for joining us. we'll be back shortly with the 10:00 news. until then, have a great night. >> good night.
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